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Get lost in the sweet and delicious aroma of COSMO's Temptation Shower Gel in Strawberry. Infused with the natural essence of strawberries, this shower gel brings a fun and irresistible twist to your daily shower routine. Its tempting fragrance and luxurious lather will stimulate your senses and leave your skin feeling soft, clean, and refreshed.

The moisturizing and revitalizing properties of this shower gel come from its natural ingredients, which work together to nourish and hydrate your skin. With no harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances, you can enjoy the refreshing feel of this mild and gentle shower gel without any irritation. Plus, it is dermatologically tested, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, making it perfect for conscious consumers.

To use COSMO's Temptation Shower Gel, simply apply a small amount to your wet skin and lather up. Then, rinse it off to reveal gorgeously clean and aromatic skin. You can also use it as a bubble bath, allowing you to immerse yourself in a decadent and aromatic experience.

With its tempting sweet scent and nourishing formula, COSMO's Temptation Shower Gel in Strawberry is perfect for anyone looking to elevate their shower experience. It is also a great gift for anyone who loves to pamper themselves with delicious and delightful fragrances.

Upgrade your daily shower routine with COSMO's Temptation Shower Gel in Strawberry, and enjoy the invigorating aroma of sweet and scrumptious strawberries.

key benefits

Gently cleanses, leaving the skin feeling supple and smooth.


With strawberry extract that helps to revitalize & brighten the skin.

how to use

Take a generous amount of shower gel onto hands or wet loofah. Work up a rich lather. Apply gently over wet skin and then rinse off.

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