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Introducing the Cosmo Soft & Shine Braid Spray Condition - the perfect solution for maintaining and nourishing braids, whether you have coils, curls, waves, or straight tresses. This specially formulated spray conditioner is designed to keep your braids looking fresh, moisturized, and free from dryness and breakage.

The Cosmo Soft & Shine Braid Spray Condition offers a range of benefits for your hair. It provides essential hydration to your braids, preventing them from becoming brittle and prone to breakage. The lightweight formula of this spray conditioner penetrates deep into the braids, moisturizing and nourishing the hair strands. It also helps to soothe an itchy scalp and reduce any discomfort associated with wearing braids. This spray conditioner leaves your braids looking lustrous, shiny, and well-maintained.

One of the key benefits of using the Cosmo Soft & Shine Braid Spray Condition is its ability to extend the lifespan of your braids. By keeping your hair moisturized and protected, this spray conditioner helps to prevent frizz and unraveling, allowing your braids to stay intact for a longer period. It also aids in the detangling process when it's time to remove the braids, making the process easier and minimizing damage.

To apply, shake the bottle well to ensure the even distribution of the product. Hold the spray about 6-8 inches away from your braids and mist the Cosmo Soft & Shine Braid Spray Condition throughout your hair, focusing on the braided sections. Gently massage the product into your braids using your fingertips or a wide-toothed comb to ensure thorough coverage. Allow the conditioner to dry naturally, and avoid touching or manipulating the braids until they are completely dry.

Maintain the health and beauty of your braids with the nourishing power of the Cosmo Soft & Shine Braid Spray Condition. Embrace the convenience and confidence of well-maintained braids that retain moisture, shine, and vitality.

key benefits

Soothes tightness or sore braids. Reduces hair breakage. Helps relieve dryness & itching. Suitable for use on any commercial, synthetic, or natural hair. FOR WHO? Suitable for all who desire gentler curls or twists, braids, bantu knots, and other protective styles with the perfect blend of hold, volume, and protection. WHY USE? For added protection from breakage around the hair edges


Hydrolyzed Keratin: helps rebuild the hair’s natural protective layer, making it stronger and more elastic while reducing hair breakage and splitting. It also increases the hair's ability to retain moisture and reduces frizz and fly-aways caused by dryness. Hydrolysed Silk protein: Helps improve the elasticity of hair strands and adds luster and manageability to the hair. Chamomile Extract: It provides hair with intense nourishment and makes it shiny and lustrous. It hydrates the scalp, thus soothes dry, itchy and irritated scalp.
Tocopherol: Its antioxidant properties helps to repair damaged hair, deeply moisturizes the hair and reduces hair breakage. Sage Leaf Extract: It help to improve the overall quality of your hair and rejuvenate dry or thinning hair. It adds luster to the hair.

how to use

Spray on scalp and braid as needed. Use daily for strong, healthy and shiny hair.

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