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Cosmo Glow White - Brightening Body Scrub - 475ML

Cosmo Glow White - Brightening Body Scrub - 475ML

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Introducing the enchanting Cosmo Brightening Body Scrub with Carrot Oil and Kojic Acid, an extraordinary elixir designed to awaken your skin's luminosity and embrace a world of radiant beauty. Step into a realm where nature's secrets intertwine, where the power of carrot oil and the brilliance of Kojic Acid converge to unlock your skin's true potential.

As you delve into the jar, the tantalizing aroma of fresh carrots fills the air, transporting you to sun-kissed gardens where vibrant blooms sway in the breeze. The rich, golden hue of the scrub mirrors the warmth of the sun, promising to illuminate your skin with a captivating glow.

The gentle granules, infused with the essence of celestial radiance, caress your skin with tender care. Carrot oil, hailed for its nourishing properties, joins forces with Kojic Acid, a miraculous skin-brightening ingredient, to form a celestial alliance. Together, they gently exfoliate, polishing away impurities and dullness, while whispering their transformative magic into every pore.

With each enchanting swirl, the Cosmo Brightening Body Scrub unveils its powers. The dynamic duo of carrot oil and Kojic Acid work harmoniously, unveiling a complexion that radiates with unparalleled brilliance. As the scrub embraces your skin, it dissolves away uneven pigmentation and blemishes, revealing a flawlessly luminous canvas.

Prepare to be captivated as the magic unfolds. The celestial synergy of carrot oil and Kojic Acid, enriched with celestial minerals and botanical treasures, bestows your skin with a celestial radiance that transcends time. Delight in the velvety softness that ensues, as the scrub's luxurious emollients deeply hydrate and nourish, leaving your skin irresistibly touchable.

key benefits

Helps maintain a clear healthy complexion. Nourishes & revitalizes dull skin. Reduce the appearance of blemishes & improve complexion.


Cosmo Glow White – Oh Carrot – combines the goodness of Carrot Oil, Kojic Acid & Vitamin E that helps nourish the skin while renewing it. It helps to revitalize dry, dull skin; improve skin’s texture & reduce visible signs of aging.

how to use

Apply a small amount to dampened skin and massage in light, circular motions, concentrating on areas where more exfoliation is needed. Remove with a warm, damp cloth and follow with Skin Perfector serum and moisturizer.

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