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Our Amla Oil Extra Volume Shampoo is crafted with the goodness of Amla oil to help you achieve voluminous, luscious hair. Our formula has been expertly crafted for those who desire volume and density in their hair.

This powerful shampoo is enriched with Amla oil, which is known for its hair-strengthening properties. Amla oil makes hair strands thicker, strengthens hair roots, and nourishes the scalp, promoting hair growth. Additionally, the herbal extracts present in the shampoo provide a soothing effect on the scalp, helping to reduce dandruff and other scalp issues.

The advanced formula of Amla Oil Extra Volume Shampoo is designed to effectively cleanse the hair and scalp, removing impurities and excess oil, without stripping the hair of its natural oils, leaving it looking and feeling healthier and more voluminous.

Our unique formulation is safe for daily use and is perfect for all hair types, including color-treated hair. It is free from harmful chemicals like SLS, parabens, and artificial fragrances, making it a natural and safe option for your hair care routine.

Transform your hair into voluminous locks with COSMO Amla Oil Extra Volume Shampoo.


key benefits

  • Cosmo’s Amla Oil Shampoo has been specially developed to strengthen and hydrate your hair while adding volume.


Amla Extract: Improves overall scalp health. Also helps remove loose dandruff flakes.

how to use

Apply a generous amount of shampoo to wet hair, and gently massage the scalp and roots with fingertips to work into a lather. Lightly squeeze the shampoo from roots to ends and rinse thoroughly.

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