Are you a new parent? The excitement, the blissful experience is all yours to revel in. From the instant, you receive the news of expectancy, the pregnancy journey begins and before you know it, the baby is here. It’s an intuitive phenomenon, the parental instincts kick in, the moment you hold your baby. One of those aspects is the skin of your darling baby.

Think Twice, think thrice, Quadrice if needed!

A baby’s skin is thinner & delicate and even the slimmest chance of irritations lead to tenderness, rashes, and skin conditions. Unless recommended & trustworthy, we can all agree that we will still tend with care. It is tough to find baby products without harsh substances. It is vital to use gentle, fragrance-free washes as their immune system and acid mantles are in the process of development.

Here are some guidelines when forming your baby’s skincare routine.


  1.  Baby Products with Dyes and Fragrances are a strict NO!

    Baby’s skin becomes irritable and results in breathing issues as scents tend to stay on the skin for hours, causing long-term skin and respiratory damage and immune system deficiency.


    1. Select Baby Product Fortifying the Skin Barrier


    Baby’s skin barrier is gentle and products that are formulated to promote healthy skin with a non-irritable quotient can strengthen the same. Cosmo Baby Lotion is designed as a gentle lotion to soothe and nurture while moisturizing and shielding your baby’s delicate skin from dryness.


    1. The only time we recommend going Soap-Free in Covid time is for Baby Products


    Yes, you read it right. Soapless products are without harsh fats and alkaline products. Cosmo Baby Wash fusions into a rich lather, to rinse out and condition your baby's skin & hair, making it feel soft with a fresh fragrance as a gentle, moisturizing wash.


    1. Use Paraben-Free Baby Products


    Parabens are used as preservatives but lotions are fast-absorbing in the skin. Using paraben-free products reduces possible risks and reduces the amount of chemical exposure. Baby’s skin can breathe easy & your baby will thank you! COSMO Baby Oil is formulated with Aloe Vera extract, Almond Oil, and vitamin E to soothe and soften your baby’s skin.


    1. Yes to Vitamin E formulated Shampoos


    COSMO baby shampoo for sale in uae gently rinses your baby's mane and scalp without stripping the scalp of its natural oils. It is enriched with Vitamin E that helps to moisturize & nourish the hair making it appear healthy, soft, and shiny.

    You will discover a wide variety of baby care products but which ones are the right fit for your child? Give your baby’s skin and hair the best natural care with COSMO’s Baby Range products in UAE at www.cosmocosmetics.ae.


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