OLIVE - The Hair Food you need

OLIVE - The Hair Food you need

Olive oil for Haircare has been used for years as it adds shine, body, softness, and resilience. Some research support that Olive can have a major moisturizing effect. Olive adds elasticity and fortifies the hair by penetrating the hair and preserving moisture. As of 2021, the top trending elements in haircare are olive oil, biotin, and collagen.

‘Clean beauty is the new trend right now! Just like everyone was squeezing olive oil anywhere they could, new technology emerges for quick, easy yet promising outcomes through HAIR FOODS

Cosmo Olive Oil Hair Food is your answer! It combines Virgin Olive Oil with an array of additional nutritious components to produce a stunning outcome! Just lock the moisture in your hair using Cosmo making it soft and shimmering. The usage daily will assist in repairing dry, damaged, and brittle hair, leaving others to envy your beautiful locks. Just apply a small quantity of hair food on your palms. Lightly work into the hair and scalp with your fingers. Take special care of the roots of your hair. Comb through, style as usual, and voila! You are ready to rule the world!

Need Some Hair Advice? Here you go!

Who should use Olive Hair Food?

1. Thick hair

Olive is beneficial for dry and thick hair. Olive Hair Food tends to weigh down thinner hair.

2. Processed hair

Heavily chemically treated hair can benefit from the added moisture like relaxers, bleach or even perms.
However. You need to wait 72-96 hours after the initial treatment before you apply the Hair Food. If using for bleached hair, test a strand first.

3. Split ends

Olive can smoothen the broken or seared ends of your hair. Apply delicately to the last 2 inches of the damaged strands. To condition, start at the scalp and massage through to the ends.

4. Dandruff

Olive Hair Foods might reduce your flakes but remember dandruff has many reasons so we encourage you to treat that first.

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